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Creative Foods Corp.


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FunRaiser! Nights – 20% Sales Donation
                          Everyone needs to eat, right?  And when your
                      family, friends and supporters eat at Burger King® 
                   on your FunRaiser night, you collect a percentage
                                             of the proceeds!

                    It’s so easy …

·       Contact your local Burger King General Manager to 
schedule your event.
·       We’ll provide posters & flyers for your group to 
·       Have your group invite all of their family, friends &
 supporters to eat at a certain Burger King® on a 
specific night.
·       For every dollar they spend at Burger King® we’ll
 donate a portion of it back to your organization.
·       Everyone has a great time, a great meal, and you
 raise a great deal of money in the process!

·       Sponsor Refreshments – Back-to-School Night
·       Sponsor Refreshments – PTA Meeting
·       Host Registration in Little Leagues
·       Rewards in Reading – Book Markers with Kids

               Meals in completing reading goals

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To date CFC has donated $63,783 but to the community
 with this fund raiser program 
in addition :
CFC has donated $100,000 in Scholarships
 to Student in our Communities